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Stretch Film & load containment

Stretch Film Packaging & Load Containment

Infographic: Stretch Film Packaging


The challenges with shipping your goods to their destination perfectly is tough. Sometimes, even when you wrap your pallets, it doesn’t hold as well as it should. Your product can shift or move. The wrap can fail and then you wind up with damaged goods, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


Innovative Packaging Company (IPC) offers high-quality stretch film packaging to secure your products to the pallet. Packaging stretch film can help you overcome wrap fails. That means the following:


  • Less risk of damage
  • A more satisfied destination customer
  • More money on your books.



Improve your bottom line


Finding continuous new ways to improve your bottom line is good for business. Situations change. Technologies change. The list goes on. Packaging film roll has come a long way over the years. Today, it offers you the flexibility to do more than one task.


  • It aids load containment
  • It protects your products from damage, theft, and even UV rays
  • It saves your business money from lost employee productivity


That last one is a kicker. No, really, it is.


You want your employees as productive as possible. That’s what you’re paying them for, after all. Yet, when you have a unitized pallet fail, someone has to clean up the mess. That generally means your employees. Time lost when employees must clean up and unload that mess can cost you tons.



Effective solutions you benefit from


When you ship your product, you expect it to arrive at its destination, safe and sound, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes load containment measures fail in route.


The film rips or over stretches and then you’re left with a mess and, worse, damaged product.


Don’t let load containment and packaging film be the problem. Let it be the solution!


At IPC, our project managers will work with you. We will ensure that you receive the best packaging stretch film for your business’ needs. Stretch film packaging is not a one-size-fits-all product. We offer a wide selection of widths, thicknesses, and types of stretch film. After all, different applications need different accommodations.


Infographic: Stretch Film Environmental FriendlyIf your product needs to sit outside in sunlight, it may need UV protection. Some types of packaging stretch film help obscure product contents. Other stretch films are transparent allowing you to better view the load when you need to.


Stretch-ability is important in a film as well. Forget those frustrating moments when a stretch packaging film failed. Stretch packaging snugs around the pallet and your product. This helps contain your load from warehouse to the destination.



The answers to a multi-faceted problem


Pallets need to be properly wrapped with the right amount of force and layers of stretch film. If a stretch film fails during shipping, load containment also fails. Clearly, that costs you money. A more effective solution is proper load containment and high-quality, dependable stretch film.


We offer you stretch films that are:


  • Cost-effective and competitively priced
  • Versatile
  • Transparent or obscure when needed
  • Strong
  • Super stretchable



Reduce your environmental impact


The need for a sustainable product is also important. Our stretch packaging is recyclable. So, while you’re shipping out product, you’re also using a product that is safe for the environment.


Are you ready to make a positive change to your load containment film?


Call us today or submit the form below to place your order and say goodbye to excessive shrinkage and breakage. Overcome wrap fails with our high-quality stretch film.