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At Innovative Packaging Company (IPC), we pride ourselves on our industry knowledge, our experience, and a track record of delivering the perfect packaging solution for our customers. From stock to custom designs, we help ensure that your product will arrive safely and maintain your brand image. 

Our History 

Innovative Packaging Co. was formed August 17th, 2012 in Vancouver , WA by the Brothers’ Concannon. With a half century of experience combined between the two partners, the pair have carved out a niche in custom tailored packaging programs and are actively growing the business within the local market as well as servicing a variety of clients outside the local market. The team has developed a resource base that provides an advantage to their clients in almost any situation that they participate in.

JC mentions, “if a client has a project that he/she would like expertise and knowledge in, and would like to tap into our resources, they have the ability to do that quickly and effortlessly. They have immediate access to our resources and can be engaged in the Initiation phase immediately without having to call in an expert from outside our company or relying on a vendor because of lack of knowledge from within. This is priceless for our clients. We pride ourselves on helping our clients Improve their efficiencies, Increasing their profitability, and Initiating the Plan. It is our commitment to their business.”

Jeremy Concannon first began his career as a driver / warehouseman for his Locally grown family business, Concannon’s Portland Paper, later named Concannon Paper. Jeremy worked every single summer from the start of high school through college until he graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Southern California. Once he finished, he had to make a decision, to pursue his dream of being in the music business or to work for his family business…..well, you can see where that story took the turn! All kidding aside, he moved back to Portland where he proceeded to work in the family business in the sales department calling on many company accounts and managing a couple of geographic territories. He worked hard, according to him, (you can ask his Dad for the truth), until he became sales manager of the firm in 2003. Hiring a plethora of young hungry sales reps he learned one thing, that the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid) was the only way to go. He expresses, “There is no substitute for good old fashioned work ethic, and my dad taught us from the very beginning that you really have to push yourself each and every day.

Our goal is to provide the most user friendly model for a client to engage in business with us. If you or someone else you know is interested in doing business more simply, then call us today or better yet, we will call you.

We look forward to sharing our story and learning more about yours, it is what we do!


We take quality and service seriously and aim to create the best experience possible for our customers.

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