Industries Served

At Innovative Packaging Co. (IPC), we can take your packaging ideas all the way from the brainstorming and design stage to the manufacturing process. We’re a proud supporter of the food and beverage and manufacturing industries, and we are ready to create packaging for liquid or dry products at a custom price you can afford. Learn more about the full line of IPC packaging options today.

Full-Service Packaging Supplies and Products Company

IPC is a full-service packaging company ready to take your products to the next level. Our turnkey packaging solutions use the power of automation to increase yields and lower labor costs, all while reducing waste and increasing reliability. We focus on the following services to help bring your branding vision to life: 

Digital Design Works

The IPC packaging production process begins with our digital design works, where we help you create a brand image that stands out from the rest. 

Custom Packaging and Shipping Solutions

At IPC, customization is our premier service. We help businesses create designs and unique packaging that instantly connects with customers and sets your business in a league of its own. 

Benefits of Choosing Innovative Packaging Co.

IPC is dedicated to providing our customers with the best customization and automation services in the industry. Choosing IPC comes with the following benefits: 

  • Access to our full line of resources and immediate engagement in the initiation phase
  • Lowered labor and packaging supply costs with increased productivity and efficiency 
  • Skilled design and manufacturing service for any price point 

Trust IPC for Your Packaging Needs

If you’re ready to bring your brand to its full potential with custom turnkey packaging solutions, contact IPC online for a free consultation today. 

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