Tamper & Child Proof Packaging

While some people may use “tamper-proof” and “child-proof” interchangeably, they are significantly different. Tamper-proof seals indicate if a packaged has been opened or not. Child-proof features are measures built into a container to ensure a child under the age of 5 cannot open the bottle, but adults still can.

While regulations vary by state, having both tamper-evident seals and child-resistant closures is ideal for cannabis-based products. At Innovative Packaging Co. (IPC), we offer a wide range of products with these features.

Child-Resistant Cannabis Packaging Solutions

Whether you need a wholesale stock option or a style specific to your product, the team at IPC can provide the perfect childproof design solution. Points of access, like lids and zip-locks, are the most common areas of childproofing. Our child-resistant packaging meets marketplace regulations for most states. 

Several designs of child-resistant packaging include:

  • Tins: Child-resistant tins have strategic pressure points that can only open through specific movements.
  • Concentrate containers: Many child-resistant cannabis containers require consumers to apply pressure to a particular area before unlocking the seal.
  • Glass jars: Glass jars typically need the consumer to push down and twist the lid before opening. 
  • Zip-lock bags: These bags feature closures that a consumer must disengage before unzippering.

why choose tamper proof packaging?

Benefits of Custom Tamper-Evident Jar Labels

Our tamper-evident labels and seals have several benefits:

  • Enhanced brand awareness: Our products provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your company’s brand through customized printing.
  • Many printing options: Our highly technological processes can print a wide range of colors, varnishes, and finishes. 
  • Skilled packaging coordination: Whether you need a simple checkerboard seal or a custom tamper-proof sticker to coordinate with your packaging, the design team at IPC can help create the perfect option.
  • Low quantity requirements: Unlike high-volume print shops, we have low minimum quantity requirements that allow you to order the exact amount of labels you need.

Contact IPC Today

With decades of experience in the printing and labeling industries, the design team at IPC has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through your cannabis packaging needs. Our staff stays on top of the latest child-resistant and tamper-evident trends and compliances, helping us remain a leader in the industry. Call us at (877) 613-4782, contact us online, or request a quote today to learn more.


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