Coffee and Tea Packaging

Coffee and Tea Packaging

The way you package your coffee or tea product is critical. Consumers often make their buying choices based on packaging alone. Even if you have the most delicious and flavorful brew on the market, customers cannot taste it before purchasing it. That’s why a standout package design with vivid, eye-catching graphics can make all the difference to your product’s sales.

At Innovative Packaging Company (IPC), we understand the importance of superior packaging and labels for tea and coffee. Our packaging solutions will provide the standout designs and protection you need to improve coffee freshness and prevent product damage. Our goal is to offer the highest quality coffee and tea packaging at the best prices.

The Advantages of Custom Packaging for Coffee and Tea

Flexible packaging is quickly becoming the preferred packaging method for coffee and tea manufacturers worldwide. Besides keeping your product fresh for extended periods, plastic is a much easier substrate to print, allowing for higher-end graphics than traditional containers like cans.

Some other perks of using flexible packaging for your coffee and tea products include:

  • Superior product freshness: The versatility of flexible packaging allows for features like zipper locks, tin ties and tear notches to keep your product fresh longer.
  • Eye-catching imagery: Flexible packaging substrates allow for much higher-quality graphics than conventional cans or tins.
  • Cost-effective: Flexible packaging is lower in cost because it uses far fewer manufacturing materials.
  • Takes up less space: Flexible packaging requires minimal warehouse and storage space compared to cans and rigid packaging.

IPC’s design team can assist you with your printing needs, whether you require a new custom packaging design with multi-color printing or a label to apply directly to your container. We’ll walk you through the entire process, from graphics creation to artwork approval to the manufacturing process.


Choose IPC as Your Coffee and Tea Packaging Supplier

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