Quality Manufacturing Packaging

Recent changes in regulations introduced challenges to industrial packaging for manufacturing. Higher costs don’t have to accompany a push toward more environmentally responsible and friendly packaging, though.

When you need high-quality packaging solutions and affordability, look to the experts at Innovative Packaging Co. (IPC) for end-to-end solutions.

Problems That Custom Industrial Packaging Can Help Solve

Every manufacturing business has three primary concerns — product quality, sustainability, and price.

IPC is here to support you with all of them. 

Safeguard your merchandise with custom packaging solutions designed to protect and cradle your goods. For even more damage prevention, try our high-quality corrugated cardboard containers, because top-notch products deserve first-rate protection. These containers maximize shelf life and freshness in addition to preventing damage. Your customer will get intact and production-day fresh products, and your business saves money by having less damaged goods expenses.

Recent surveys prove that customers heavily prefer eco-friendly packaging options. These cartons deliver value to your environmentally conscious initiatives since they’re sustainable, too.

Your business’s success depends on being cost-conscious as well as agile, and IPC couldn’t agree more. That’s why our flexible plastic options and custom-designed solutions offer you the ability to adapt your packaging to suit your product and business needs. IPC’s first-rate standards deliver top-notch solutions at a fraction of the prices of other companies, improving your bottom line without sacrificing high quality.

Packaging Supplies

IPC has everything you need to make your packaging efforts a success. 

Count on us for automated equipment solutions like vacuum chambers and roll stacks, as well as flow wrapping that makes packaging faster and easier. Eliminate excess food waste with our vertical and horizontal form fill seal packaging options. Secure your outgoing merchandise with stretch film that safeguards your products from ultraviolet lights, theft, and damage from load shifts.


Contact an Expert With Manufacturing Packaging Knowledge Today

Discover how Innovative Packaging Co.’s commitment to high quality at low prices delivers creative solutions to your packaging needs. We’ve been designing and providing packaging, automation, and distribution solutions for businesses across industries since 2012. Call us or request a quote online to speak with an experienced team member for more information.



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