Stretch Film

Stretch Film Packaging

Warehouses everywhere use stretch film to stabilize and protect products during shipping. At Innovative Packaging Co., we know the ins and outs of stretch film applications throughout the shipping industry.

Whether you’re looking for a higher-grade blown film, UV protection or economical wholesale options, we can supply the products you need.

Improve Your Bottom Line With Stretch Film Packaging

In addition to stabilizing products during transport, you can decrease damage with stretch film packaging. Heavier films prevent punctures and rips, and fully-wrapped loads keep merchandise free of moisture, dust and dirt. 

The variations of stretch film are endless. Lighter hand grades come as thin as 37 gauge, perfect for objects requiring minimal wrapping. Heavier gauges of 150 and above provide excellent puncture and resistance strength and are ideal for heavier loads and irregular-shaped items.

Some manufacturers supply small rolls between 2 and 5 inches wide that are efficient for hand application when wrapping light, uniform loads.

Many opaque films also offer UV properties. Opaque stretch film works well when suppliers prefer to keep the contents of their loads concealed. UV film protects products from the sun and is outstanding for items stored outdoors for extended periods.


Get High-Quality Stretch Film Packaging From Innovative Packaging Co.

With many years of experience in the packaging industry, the team at Innovative Packaging Co. understands the importance of keeping your products safe and secure during transport. Call us at (877) 613-4782 or contact us online today to learn how we can fulfill your company’s stretch film needs.


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