Carton Packaging

Carton Packaging

While the manufacturing processes are relatively similar, there are significant differences between folding cartons and corrugated boxes. Folding cartons consist of thin paperboard that has better printing and coating capabilities than corrugated liners. Corrugated material has several liner components and usually has a coarser surface area.

Advantages of Custom Folding Carton Packaging Designs From Innovative Packaging Co. 

Innovative Packaging Co. has many years of design and manufacturing experience in carton packaging. Whether you need a small straight-tuck box, a two-piece sleeve for an electric component or a custom four-color folding carton, we can meet your needs.

Several benefits of folding cartons include:

  • Rigidity: Paperboard cartons are more structurally sound than bags or pouches, giving them better stackability and providing added security to contents that require extra protection. 
  • Flexibility and versatility: Paperboard is typically much thinner than most corrugated materials, allowing for more versatility with features like windows, hanging tabs and crash-lock bottoms.
  • Environmentally friendly: Much of the pulp in folding carton paperboard is nonvirgin material and fully recyclable. In addition, the waste in the manufacturing process is reclaimable and reusable, minimizing landfill usage.
  • Clean graphics: The smooth surface of the paperboard and the thinness of the material allow for easier printing. Multiple color print processes with coatings are commonplace with folding cartons.

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Our custom carton packaging offers an efficient and cost-effective way to package foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other items while promoting the image you want for your brand. We’re your single source for high-quality carton packaging and label solutions.

To learn more about our stock cartons or custom manufacturing capabilities, call us at (877) 613-4782 or complete a contact form today.


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