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Snack Food Packaging Infographic

Snack Food Packaging


The food industry is ever-evolving with newer products entering the market all the time.


Yet, here’s the thing.


Consumers want much more than what goes into the bag to influence their buying decisions.


Today, manufacturers must get creative and use design to entice and excite their consumers. To do that, you’ve got to consider the following key elements in snack food packaging.


  • Freshness
  • Sustainability
  • Customization
  • Brand Influence


With the growing number of options to choose from comes the dilemma of proper packaging to maintain a fresh, safe product for consumption.


Innovative Packaging Company (IPC) is proud to offer a variety of solutions to meet your growing needs.


Keep It Fresh


We’re all familiar with the little ‘use by’ and ‘best by’ dates. Heck, we’re the ones who print them on all of our food and beverage products. Yet, the dates mean little if the packaging doesn’t hold up its end of the deal.

Package failures happen and when they do, they can spell disaster of various degrees.

Consider that bag of chips that lacks crunch to the ultimate baddie … food-borne illnesses followed by mass recalls. It’s enough to make any snack food manufacturer quiver with anxiety, but IPC has some good news for you.


We understand that each product requires something different to maintain freshness and preserve flavor. Potato chips, for example, are often packaged in metallic bags and tubes for this reason. Other types of snacks, like animal crackers, require poly bags or paperboard cartons.


What you need is the right packaging for the right product to maintain the right level of freshness. Whew! That’s a lot of ‘rights,’ right?


Infographic: Food Packaging EcoAnd as if that wasn’t enough…


consumers today are looking for sustainability in products. So, we’ll toss around a few more words like eco-friendly to meet their demands. That’s okay, though, because IPC offers a selection of Earth-friendly options to help you hone in on what your consumers want while still meeting the needs of your product, your brand, and your budget.





Sustainability is more than whether or not things can be recycled.


IPC offers a line of products using sustainable materials that’s healthier for the environment. It breaks down more easily than non-sustainable making it biodegradable, recyclable, and all-around friendlier to our planet.


So, if you’re ready to show your consumers how deeply you care for the environment, IPC can help you shout out to the world through creative, attractive, well-designed packaging.



It’s All in the Design


Speaking of design, IPC also offers a line of flexible packaging for your many foods. We offer everything from bags and cartons to stand up pouches and form fill seal options to fit every need and budget. We also have poly and metallic  products, gusseted bags, paper bags, bakery bags and sheets, roll stock film products, and everything in between.


Our flexible snack packaging solutions are made of high-quality materials of different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses for all your needs. We can also create tear-control packs to allow for complete or partial removal of package tops.

If you can think it up, chances are, we have it, and if we don’t, we’ll customize it to fit your needs.


Customize & Realize


Nutrition Labels Packaging InfographicSometimes you need a specific shape, size, dimension, or design that’s almost like something else, but … not quite. We get it and we can meet that need as well. Customization is something our project managers love to do.

Do you have a vision of what you need, want, or would like to see? Let’s chat!

We can help transform that vision into reality to provide you with the design you dreamed of. After all, the ‘C’ in IPC isn’t just for our company, but also for our creativity.


Custom packaging design and creation are available if you need specialty solutions. Our project managers will work with you to create a convenient design for your food product while accommodating your business’ needs.



Go Bold & Brand On


When you design with IPC, you get eye catching products in return. We want your brand to stand out. After all, your packaging is the first thing your consumers see. That’s not to mention that packaging today needs to do more than all the above. It also needs to market your brand and your product to your consumers. In fact, during your consumer’s next shopping visit may be the moment when they decide to try your latest snack based on brand, cost, quality of packaging, colors, nutrition data and even font printed on the package.


So, go big, go bold, and brand on.


With IPC, you can be certain you are getting quality materials. We want to ensure that your snack foods remain shelf-stable, fresh (increased shelf-life), and safe for consumption, but also attractive and enticing. All of our products are priced at competitive rates to provide you with a cost savings and help meet your needs.


Give us a call today or use the form below to learn more about what IPC can do for you.