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Excellence is in the Packaging

Excellence is in the packaging. Innovative Packing Co. (IPC) is here to revolutionize how the cannabis, food, coffee, beverage and industrial sectors think about packaging. We’re an innovation-centered family business that has been packaging liquid and dry products for over a decade.

We can help you package your passion and create the ultimate unboxing experience for your customers. Our team believes that the perfect package is effortlessly simple to open and tells your brand’s story at a glance.

The colors, design and user experience should set a level of anticipation only the product inside can meet. When your product delivers, the packaging becomes a reminder of why your customer should use the product again and again.

Ready to begin? IPC is here to help you create packaging solutions that meet and exceed your business goals.

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Experts in Packaging

Turnkey Packaging Solutions

Turnkey solutions make the packaging process simple and efficient. We provide end-to-end services from design to manufacturing. That way, you can simply set up your process, and we deliver you quality, affordable packaging to scale.

We believe automation can save your business time and money for a competitive advantage. Turnkey solutions make it possible for your best employees to focus on your bottom line. We’ve also managed packaging solutions for 12 years, so we have speed, productivity and experience on our side.

IPC will walk with you to leverage automation and create a groundbreaking packaging line for your products.

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Creative Customization

Custom Packaging and Shipping Solutions

IPC offers start-to-finish solutions customized to your business. We’ll work with you throughout the process, from the design phase to the final product at the end of the manufacturing stage. Packaging customized to your company can provide the right protection for uniquely shaped and breakable products and attract far more attention than a generic solution.

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Eco-Conscious Solutions

Going green has become one of the most critical corporate social responsibility and regulation concerns. That’s why we’re excited to offer a line of 100% compostable, environmentally sustainable packaging solutions that can fit every consumable for your business. We can customize our socially responsible options to your unique products.

About Our Company

Trust IPC for High-Quality Packaging Solutions

Innovative Packaging Co. is a full-service packaging solutions provider in the cannabis, food and manufacturing industries. We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge, our experience, and a track record of delivering the perfect packaging solution for our customers. Our core service offerings include packaging procurement, supply chain management, warehousing, and custom design services. We offer a diverse product mix including flexible packaging, fiber-based packaging, hardware, labels, and child-proof packaging options.

When you’re searching for product packaging, we want to be more than a solutions provider. It’s our passion to remain connected to our origin as a family business as we build a community of companies dedicated to delivering the best experience to their customers.

You have the products, and we have the expertise and resources to create packaging for them. Reach out to IPC today to learn more and begin your journey to a customized unboxing experience for your customers.

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