Powdered Drinks

Powdered Drink Packaging

Powdered drinks are more challenging to package than other beverage products because of their chemical composition. Free-flowing powders have different characteristics than other powders, requiring an entirely different line of fill and packaging equipment. Bulk density and particle concentration can also play critical roles when choosing the best packaging methods.

At Innovative Packaging Company (IPC), we understand the complexities that powdered drinks present. Our many years of experience have allowed us to develop the industry’s highest quality and most cost-effective packaging solutions. Our design team is ready to help you select the most optimal packaging strategies for your powdered drink products.

Why Choose Custom Labels and Packaging for Powdered Drinks?

Flexible packaging continues to grow in popularity across the globe. Manufacturers prefer flexible packaging for their powdered drinks because of their printability and cost-effectiveness. Plastic container surfaces can easily accommodate multiple colors and varnishes. Flexible packaging also takes up much less warehouse space, making pouches and gusseted bags favorable choices.

Some companies using wholesale stock containers often depend on pressure-sensitive labels to advertise and display the product contents. Whether you’re looking to print multiple colors directly onto your container or develop a label unique to your product, the design team at IPC can walk you through the entire process. We use the most advanced printing equipment in the industry, ensuring that each piece meets the highest quality standards.

Among the advantages you’ll see with our powdered drink packaging products are:

  • Lower costs: IPC uses efficient manufacturing methods and cost-effective materials.
  • Creative designs: Our innovative packaging strategies will help your product stand out on the store shelf.
  • Superior protection: We use designs that ensure the highest levels of product protection.

Choosing IPC as Your Trusted Powdered Drink Packaging Supplier

At IPC, we consistently deliver high-quality, cost-effective packaging solutions to our long list of satisfied customers. Our knowledge of powdered drink packaging is another excellent example of our industry expertise. To learn more about how our products and service can help your business, contact us online today.  



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