Pre-Rolled Packaging

Pre-Rolled Packaging

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, pre-rolls remain among the most popular choices of consumption. One of the main reason joints are so popular is convenience. All you need to consume a pre-roll is a lighter or a match — there is no need for grinders, pipes, multi-tools or other accessories.

While pre-rolls are one of the simplest forms of cannabis in dispensaries, critical care still needs to be taken with its packaging. Protection and freshness are vital with joints, as the last thing a consumer wants is a pre-roll with damage to the paper. At Innovative Packaging Co., we supply the most creative cannabis containers on the market for pre-rolls, with safekeeping as our highest priority.

Benefits of Custom Pre-Roll Labels and Design Solutions

At Innovative Packaging Co., we use the most modern equipment and graphic technology to ensure a clean, crisp image on each piece we manufacture. We strive to supply you with a label that sets you apart from your competition while keeping cost-effectiveness in mind.

With custom pre-roll packaging labels, you can:

  • Improve your brand awareness.
  • Make your products more appealing, increasing sales. 
  • Ensure compliance with federal and state packaging regulations.
  • Enhance your customer experience.

Get as Your Pre-Rolled Packaging Supplier

From slider boxes to tubes to custom printing options, Innovative Packaging Co. is the single source for all your pre-roll packaging needs. Our project managers have decades of experience in package design, manufacturing specifications and warehouse solutions to provide you with the superior level of service you need.

To learn more about our cannabis packaging products, call us at (877) 613-4782 or reach out to us online today.


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