Custom Packaging Solutions

Automation gives your business the power to boost your manufacturing and distribution abilities. With turnkey packaging from Innovative Packaging Co. (IPC), you can bring your brand to life. At IPC, we create custom packaging for several industries, including food, beverage, industrial and cannabis businesses. Our team is ready to help you find and design the ideal packaging for your products.

Custom Packaging Services Available

Over the last decade, IPC has grown our business to produce packaging for multiple industries. IPC specializes in the following types of packaging solutions: 

  • Carton packaging: Our carton packaging provides just the right protection for products, including baked goods and snacks. We create flexible and durable cartons for storing ice cream, milk, eggs, juices, snacks, carbonated beverages, alcoholic beverages, and more. 
  • Corrugated packagingCorrugated packaging brings durability and increased shelf life to the table without significantly raising packaging price points. Our customizable and sustainable corrugated packaging is perfect for cushioning and protecting your product.
  • Flexible packaging: Our flexible packages help your products stand apart from the competition and meet your goals. We use gravure and flexography to print high-resolution images on your packaging and project your brand. 
  • Stretch film and load containment: With stretch film, you can reduce the risk of damage to your products in shipping and aid load containment. Stretch wrap is the line of defense protecting your products from potential harm, which improves your overall earnings and minimizes the chance of lost materials or productivity due to fallen or damaged packaging. 
  • Affordable custom packaging: If you have a specific packaging solution in mind for your business that isn’t already on our website, you can contact us for a custom quote. We can make your packaging dreams a reality by combining your vision and our resources.

Benefits of Custom Packaging

Custom packaging is a unique way to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Choosing custom packaging from IPC comes with numerous benefits, including:

  • Setting your brand apart: With customized product packaging, you get to decide how different you want to be. Make your custom design as original as your brand with a specific color scheme, image or whatever else helps you stand out.
  • Adding to brand awareness: Another benefit of customized product packaging is your ability to increase brand awareness. Customers are inundated with product choices. Your originality can capture their attention and draw them to your product.
  • Making the right first impression: Your product’s packaging plays a role in how your customers perceive you. If your packaging looks and feels intriguing enough, you’ll create a unique first impression on your customers.
  • Marketing your product or brand: Your packaging affects the public perception of your products from a marketing standpoint. Everything from shape to size, feel, colors and imagery relays messages about your brand.
  • Reducing waste: Our automated system produces the specific amount of packaging necessary for your operations.
  • Increasing reliability: Automated packaging systems like those at IPC also increase your product reliability.
  • Accessing our resources: Working with IPC for custom packaging provides you with prompt access to our entire resource catalog.
  • Budgeting wisely: IPC custom design and manufacturing services are available at numerous price points, allowing us to serve as companies with a range of budgets.

Choose IPC for High-Quality Packaging Solutions

No matter the type of packaging solution you need, IPC’s dedicated custom packaging team and extensive resources are ready to make it happen. We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and our track record of bringing our clients’ packaging dreams to life. Contact us online for more information. You can also complete our form to request a quote for custom packaging today.


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