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Beer, Wine, Spirits and Natural Beverage

Beer, Wine, Spirits, and Natural Beverages

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The alcoholic beverage industry generated over $70 billion last year alone. That’s impressive statistics. With those numbers increasing each year, manufacturers are looking to reduce business costs.


You do this and gain a competitive edge by overcoming the three main industry challenges.


  • Reducing costs
  • Attractive packaging design
  • Effective packaging designed for your brand



Cost reduction gives you a competitive advantage


Shipping your product to its final destination is costly. The weight of your goods added to the weight of your packaging and shipping material adds up….FAST.


That’s not to mention the cost of your packaging products, which runs in a league of its own.
Innovative Packaging Company (IPC) can help with this. We produce top-notch beverage packaging products at competitive pricing.


Besides standard alcoholic beverage packaging, we also offer custom packaging solutions as well. One option is polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The Master Brewers Association of the Americas recommended it back in 2015. PET can help lighten your load, reduce your carbon footprint, and more.



Custom packaging to boost your sales


Who wants their products to look like the next guy’s products?


Not if you want to gain an advantage over them. Gone are the days when the idea was to ‘copy’ the next guy and your beverage customers are picking up on this. New packaging designs are traversing the market and consumers are drinking them up.


If you want to be an industry leader, now is the time to distinguish yourself from everyone else. Custom packaging can help you to stand out from the competition.


Our project managers will work with you to meet your beverage packaging needs. Let us show you how to win with cutting-edge beverage packaging.



Effective packaging to fit your brand


Branding your products is a big concern among beverage manufacturers. This is particularly true for those new to the industry. Innovative packaging trends like unique beverage packaging designs help you brand your product.


We offer cutting-edge ideas like the following.



New packaging trends are turning heads in the industry. And, best of all, consumers are taking notice.


We offer sustainable options, like eco-friendly beer packaging. Sustainable options are changing the way we look at beverage packaging. They reduce your carbon footprint, decrease product weight, and appeal to today’s consumers.


What isn’t there to love about sustainable trends?


Contact us today or submit the form below to see what IPC can do for you. Let us show you how to win with cutting-edge beverage packaging.