Concentrate Container

Concentrate Containers

Concentrates are among the most fragile forms of cannabis on the market. Concentrates contain the most potent and desirable portions of the plant condensed into much smaller units than other forms of commercial cannabis. Because of their fragility, extreme care is crucial during packaging.

One of the most critical factors with concentrates is preserving their potency. Concentrate needs protection from oxygen, light and moisture to stay fresh and maintain its flavor. At Innovative Packaging Co., we can help you determine the most effective packaging solutions for your concentrates while keeping functionality and cost-effectiveness in mind.

Benefits of Custom Concentrate Labels and Packaging Solutions

Some of the many benefits of custom packaging for concentrate containers include:

  • Increased brand awareness: Build your brand with customized packaging that sets your products apart from competitors. 
  • Ensured compliance: Feel confident knowing your labels and packaging meet state and local regulations for complete compliance. 
  • Improved customer experience: Make your products more appealing to customers with high-quality, unique packaging designs. 

Regardless of your label choice, Innovative Packaging Co. can provide you with optimal graphic solutions for your product. Our expertise in high-end printing allows us to design you a label that will stand out.  We’ll consider print location, colors, varnishes and all the critical measurements to develop artwork for your approval before the printing process begins.


Contact Innovative Packaging Company Today for Custom Concentrate Packaging

At Innovative Packaging Co., we have decades of experience in packaging design to provide the optimal concentrate container solutions for your business. Whether you need jars, pop-top containers or sheets of pressure-sensitive labels, we’re the single source for your needs. Call us at (877) 613-4782 or get in touch with us online today to learn more.


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