Dairy Packaging

When it comes to packaging dairy products, the highest priority is keeping your product fresh. While some milk cartons can maintain freshness for weeks, other packaging designs like thin wraps can only keep products fresh for a few days. When choosing the best-suited packaging material for a dairy product, other factors to consider include sustainability, cost and ease of packing.

Many dairy products require specific types of packaging to meet FDA standards, so it’s essential to know which products fall into those categories.

At Innovative Packaging Co. (IPC), we have years of experience supplying packaging products to the dairy industry. Our expert staff has the knowledge to help you choose the most practical and efficient design for your product, whether you’re packaging milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream or another food.

Custom Packaging Solutions and Labels for Dairy Products

In addition to the basic cartons and bags required to pack dairy products, there are many secondary types of packaging for the dairy industry. Labels are essential for specialty shops looking to market their product and set their brand apart from the competition. If you’re using an overpack to package several boxes, you’ll need moisture-resistant tape to seal the cartons.

IPC has customization processes available for companies looking to personalize their tape with their corporate message or logo. We also offer flexographic printing on the outside of your overpack or folding carton.

The team at IPC understands the importance of branding and your company’s image. Our design team can help you develop the labels you need to make your products stand out on the store’s shelf. Our manufacturing processes ensure that each label has clean, crisp graphics.


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At IPC, we pride ourselves on our superior expertise in many different industry-specific applications. The dairy industry is an excellent example in the multiple areas we excel. Contact us today to learn more about what we do and how our products can benefit your company.



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