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Packaging Processed Meats

Meat Packaging Infographic

The marketing and packaging of processed meat and poultry products require the utmost attention. Whether you run a meat processing facility, a seafood market, or etc, having the right kind of packaging for your products is essential.


Innovative Packaging Company (IPC) has everything you need to keep your foods fresh, appealing, and ready for your customers.


Meat packaging supplies


IPC understands the necessity to have the right packaging products for all of your fresh or frozen meat, poultry, and seafood. That’s why we offer a variety of packaging products for your convenience and needs.

  • Poultry packaging
  • Seafood packaging
  • Ground meat packaging
  • Fresh meat packaging
  • Deli meat packaging
  • Processed meat packaging
  • Case-ready meat packaging, and more


The meat, poultry, and seafood packaging market is vast and IPC is here to help you navigate it. We have everything you require for all your meat packaging needs. Our project managers will guide you through the selection of meat, poultry, and seafood packaging supplies.


We can even help with meat, poultry, or seafood packaging design.


Bags, boxes, and trays…Oh, my


Meat packaging bags are an essential part of your meat department or business. At IPC, we make choosing the right bags for your needs easy. All of our products are created from high-quality materials to ensure you receive the best we have to offer.


Speaking of quality, meat packaging boxes should always be made of sturdy, heavy-duty materials. IPC’s products stand up to the test and are ready to carry your load of meat, poultry, and seafood. Yet, bags and boxes are not the only things you’ll find at IPC.


Films, papers, labels, and more


We couldn’t call ourselves a true meat packaging supplies company if we didn’t also offer you a wide selection of meat packaging materials. You can find all your custom meat packaging labels, meat packaging film, and meat packaging paper at IPC as well.


Are you looking for styrofoam meat packaging trays or biodegradable meat packaging supplies? Then look no further than IPC. We have all your meat, poultry and seafood packaging supplies ready.


To find out more or to place your order, contact us today or use the form below. Our friendly, professional staff will be happy to help you with all your meat packaging needs.