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Flexible Packaging Solutions

Infographic: Flexible Packaging


Flexible packaging matters in the food and beverage industry now more than ever. Finding new, more cost-effective ways to package your products and meet your customers’ needs is what we do. Competitive companies in the USA understand this and choose flexible packaging to their advantage.


Flexible packaging is often more appealing and cost-effective than other alternatives. It also stands up to consumer needs to keep your food (flexible food packaging) and beverages safe and fresh. Yet, not everyone knows the full realm of flexible packaging solutions available to them and that is where we can help.


What is flexible packaging?


Understanding flexible packaging depends on what your needs are and what your industry is. Yet, it often includes non-rigid packaging. Flexible packaging design bends and folds with ease to better accommodate the shape and size of your products. Think of stand up bags, pouches, and milk and beverage cartons as prime examples.

Any packaging that adapts and changes shape in whole or in part, is considered flexible packaging.


What are my flexible packaging printing options?

Infographic: What is Flexible Packaging


Flexible packaging is no different than other technologies. It has adapted to our digital world. Digital printing flexible packaging is now available to make your products stand out from the competition even more so than before.

With flexible packaging printing technologies, it is easier than ever to help you brand your products the way you want. Our team of project managers are ready to help you design and create the digitally printed flexible packaging that you envision.

When your packaging goals are met, our goals are met.


What is the flexible packaging printing process?


As the name implies, flexible package printing is the process of adding print (logos, text, you brand identity) to your flexible packages. The printing process for flexible packaging should be all about meeting your needs and goals. For example, gravure and flexography are two types of print that are prime for high-end images to ensure that your packaging requirements are met with the quality that your brand deserves. Our team of experts strive to reach the highest possible flexible packaging quality control standards on all projects.

This allows Innovative Packaging Company (IPC) to provide you with the best flexible printing and packaging products to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


Flexible Packaging Suppliers


Today’s consumers are more conscious than ever of the products and packaging they use. Traditional packaging offered a way to protect your products from factory to retailer to home, with limited customization options available.


It’s in the numbers


Today, flexible packaging is BIG for your business and consumers are taking notice in droves with 81% of consumers surveyed by the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) in 2015 stated that they notice when a brand’s packaging changes. Yet, how do brand manufacturer’s feel about flexible packaging? It’s a win-win! 97% of brands agreed that they will continue to use the same flexible packaging going forward or add more flexible packaging to their product packaging lineups.


Your Flexible Packaging Matters


When you consider the importance that packaging plays on a brand’s identity, product safety, and marketing aspects, flexible packaging makes sense. Additionally, today’s consumers are more health and environmentally conscious than ever before and want their brands to leave less of a carbon footprint than yesteryear. Flexible packaging offers a way to achieve this and much more while lowering the cost of production along the way.

Having the right packaging is vital to your product safety, brand, marketing, and the needs of your consumers. High-quality flexible packaging that meets all these needs is what IPC specializes in. Our packaging experts pave the way for your product to stand up, stand out, and meet the needs of your consumers. As a top flexible packaging supplier, IPC doesn’t just understand packaging, we live and breathe it daily to ensure you always receive the best packaging product possible at a competitive price. Before you buy from the ‘other guy,’ give IPC a try.


Look no further!


When you’re looking for a new type of packaging, look to flexible plastic packaging and here’s why.

As a flexible packaging distributor, IPC promises you quality and we deliver on our promises. What you get, is a packaging product that perfectly fits the needs and dimensions of your product, cushions your product from warehouse to retail, and is designed to save you money.

IPC flexible packaging offers you an innovative and appealing new way to package your products. Our goal is to package and display your brand the way you want, at a winning price point.

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