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Powdered drinks

Powdered Drinks

Powdered Drinks Packaging Infographic


Powdered drinks are sometimes a challenge to package. Free-flowing drink powders have different packaging needs than nonfree-flowing powders. That’s because of the cohesiveness of the different drink powder particles.


Innovative Packaging Company (IPC) is here to help, regardless of which type of drink powder you’re manufacturing or selling.


We offer drink packaging solutions for all of your powdered beverages.


  • Milk
  • Tea
  • Fruit drinks
  • Energy drinks
  • Kids’ drinks
  • Unique drink powders, and so much more


Regardless of which drink powders that you sell, having a variety of packaging options is important. That is particularly true if you sell more than one type of drink powder and the needs of each powder type to maintain freshness.


Variety is key


Many kid’s drink powders are still offered in envelope form, but others are moving to tear-open sticks for ease and convenience. The same holds true for many energy and fruit-flavored drink powders. What was once considered the packaging norm for a drink powder, has transformed to tear-open sticks. We live in a fast-paced world where consumers are always on the go. Tear open-sticks make it easy to take your product with them.


There is also a time and place for multi-serving packs, which are often packaged in cartons, tubs, or envelopes. IPC can accommodate all of these needs. We offer a variety of unique drink packaging solutions for all of your powdered drink products.



Time is money


At IPC, we understand that time is money. Your time is valuable and best spent on worrying about the more important things. Need a special drink packaging design, but don’t have the time to fret over every little detail?


We can help.


We offer both flexible packaging options as well as custom packaging if you need something extra special for your products. Our project managers will work with you.


We will ensure that you get the right powdered drink packaging that you need when you need it.



Cost-effective solutions


Your drink powder packaging needs to be attractive, effective, and offer variety to accommodate the different powdered drinks you sell. Yet, it also needs to be cost-effective for your bottom line. IPC drink powder packaging can fit the bill.


Now, you can have the quality drink powder packaging at a price you can afford. At IPC, we strive to maintain a competitive pricing advantage.


Are you ready to see what IPC drink powder packaging solutions can do for you?


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