Guide to Cannabis Packaging and Label Requirements


Companies within the cannabis industry must meet several guidelines, including requirements for labels and packaging. While the specific guidelines vary by state, the goals of packages and labels for cannabis include:

  • Educating consumers about your cannabis product.
  • Providing accurate information about the product’s contents.
  • Protecting public health and safety.

If your company is interested in creating cannabis packaging and labels, follow our guide to make sure you’re adhering to legal guidelines while emphasizing your brand and product.

Cannabis Packaging Requirements

No matter the state, cannabis product packaging must comply with strict guidelines. These regulations can apply to the packaging design, wording, font size and more.

Package Design

Beyond its function, cannabis packaging is an important design element for your brand. The ideal container material, closing method and shape vary by product. Many cannabis products use flexible film pouches because they are protective and cost-effective.

Though regulations vary by state, cannabis packaging is generally required to be:

  • Resealable: If the cannabis product includes more than one serving, the package should be resealable to preserve its contents.
  • Opaque: Packaging for edible cannabis products should not be clear.
  • Tamper-evident: A tamper-proof package makes it obvious if the package has been opened.


Creating cannabis packaging that keeps the product and consumers safe is essential. The packaging should appeal to adults who can buy cannabis products in legalized states, and it should not appeal to children.

Cannabis packaging must make it obvious to the consumer that the product contains cannabis. This design consideration ensures only those who are legally allowed to buy the product can do so.

The cannabis package must also be difficult or impossible for children to open. Childproof packaging keeps the product safe and prevents accidental ingestion.

Cannabis Label Requirements

Cannabis labeling requirements vary, so the information you need to include on your label depends on the state. Label qualifications generally require detailed information about the cannabis product.

The requirements for cannabis labels focus on what information is included and how it’s displayed. Each panel shows different information and has requirements for placement and appearance.

Primary Panel

The primary label on the front of the cannabis packaging conveys essential information about the product and is displayed to the consumer during retail. This label is the first thing the consumer will see when looking at your product, so it should feature the following information:

  • The product’s name
  • Net weight or volume
  • Cannabinoid content
  • Universal symbols and markings

Information Panel

The information panel on the back or sides of the package features facts about the cannabis product that are vital for the consumer. These details educate the consumer about the cannabis product. Some common information dispensaries put on the information panel include:

  • Plant strain name and type.
  • Percentages of THC, CBN and more.
  • Lab information.
  • Dates of testing, cultivation and expiration.

Some information panels feature a QR code the consumer can scan to see more product details.

Label Prohibitions for Cannabis Products

Cannabis product labels cannot feature:

  • Designs that appeal to children, including cartoons, candy-like labels and language like “candy” and similar words.
  • Unproven health claims.
  • Marketing as an alcoholic beverage.

Warnings and Risks

Since cannabis is a Schedule I controlled substance, many states require warning instructions on cannabis labels with information about the following:

  • Age restrictions
  • Risks for pregnant or breastfeeding consumers
  • Habit-forming ingredients
  • Ability impairments

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