6 Sustainable Packaging Ideas


As the focus on protecting and preserving the environment intensifies, “going green” is a primary objective in many industries. Companies that manufacture or distribute goods or materials must consider developing sustainable packaging options to become more eco-friendly, enhance their brand and meet the increasingly stringent regulatory compliance requirements. 

What Is Sustainable Packaging?

The term “sustainable packaging” refers to the development and implementation of packaging solutions that reduce a company’s environmental impact and footprint. They consist of responsibly sourced materials, minimizing the contribution to the depletion of dwindling natural resources. 

Sustainable packaging solutions exhibit these characteristics:

  • Promotes health and safety and benefits to individuals and communities throughout their life cycle
  • Optimizes materials and energy
  • Relies on renewable energy during sourcing, transporting and recycling
  • Conforms to market standards regarding performance and cost
  • Uses clean production technologies during manufacturing
  • Optimizes the use of recycled or renewable materials
  • Implements healthy materials throughout their life cycle

Sustainable Packaging Concepts

Examples of the various types of sustainable packaging include:

1. Compostable Materials

This packaging option consists of plant-based materials like sugar cane, corn or bamboo that break down naturally without leaving toxic residue. The decomposition time should not exceed 90 days in commercial applications.

2. Biodegradable Peanuts

Traditional packing peanuts consist of Styrofoam, which does not decompose and clogs landfills. Biodegradable options that break down organically are now available.

3. Corrugated

Your business may already use corrugated boxes for their strength and elasticity. This material is also recyclable — in some cases, it can be reused up to 10 times to produce new packaging materials. 

4. Cellulose

This popular food packaging option consists of hemp, cotton, wood or other natural materials. Cellulose is also a more sustainable alternative to plastic because it is compostable and biodegradable. 

5. Kraft Paper

The kraft process entails the chemical conversion of wood pulp into a paper-like substance. This material is stronger and more elastic and tear-resistant than regular paper. All the materials used to manufacture it are recyclable, making it a highly sustainable packaging option.

6. Glassine

Like kraft paper, glassine features wood pulp and other renewable substances as primary ingredients. This smooth, glossy paper material is air-, water- and grease-resistant, making it useful for wax paper bags and sleeves containing food items. 

Benefits of Sustainable Packaging

Implementing sustainable packaging solutions can provide multiple benefits for your business:

  • Enhances your brand: These days, “going green” is essential from a public relations perspective. Utilizing sustainable packaging options demonstrates your company’s commitment to protecting the environment and helps you build brand loyalty.
  • Lowers costs: As these packaging options continue gaining popularity, the increased competition among vendors has led to significant cost reductions. In some cases, these materials are less expensive than their traditional counterparts.
  • Elevates environmental consciousness: Socially responsible businesses seek ways to positively impact their customers’ lives, the communities they serve and the planet. Transitioning to sustainable packaging allows your company to reduce its carbon footprint and become a better environmental steward.
  • Adds versatility: Sustainable packaging is compatible with a wide range of products and industries. You can find an eco-friendly solution for everything from food and beverages and automotive parts to industrial materials and even cannabis products. You won’t have to limit the options you offer to your valued customers.
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