5 Ways Custom Packaging Can Benefit Your Brand


Draw customers to your items on the store shelf or make them stop scrolling down a webpage to get a better look by creating eye-catching custom packaging and shipping solutions. Your brand has a story, and your packaging is likely the first way your customer will be exposed to that story. Building a compelling and memorable narrative through your packaging design is crucial to enticing current and new shoppers every time.

To learn more about how custom turnkey packaging solutions can increase your brand reach, explore these five benefits of the process below:

1. Create Increased Brand Awareness

Product packaging is the most straightforward method of advertising your brand. It efficiently builds brand credibility and helps you stand out from your competitors. With custom packaging, you have complete control over the message you are sending to your customer and the reputation you are building with them. 

Packaging can be just a part of an overarching marketing campaign so that when customers put down your product, they will continue to see your branding on their social media, on posters, in their inbox and through any other channel that may increase their chances of buying from you.

2. Protect Products While They’re in Transit

While product protection is the main purpose of packaging, it doesn’t have to be sacrificed when you create custom packaging. Also, investing in custom packaging will prevent your product from being susceptible to damage in transit. Customers will appreciate your effort in protecting their product and will be more likely to purchase from you again.

With custom packaging and shipping solutions, you can make a package that is meant to protect your product specifically, which will lead to happier customers who stay with your company longer.

Creating packages that perfectly fit your products also reduces waste because there are no extra unused materials. Many customers today place a high value on how a company works to protect the environment, and they will appreciate seeing you limit waste with your packaging.

Packaging plays a huge role in branding

3. Grab the Attention of New and Returning Customers

Do extensive research on your audience so that you know exactly what you need to do to grab their attention, keep it long enough for them to buy your product and market to them again so they will return. 

It is important for custom packaging to fit your brand’s marketing campaign and elevate your product. Custom packaging will boost your brand’s credibility. 

Think about when you’re at the store trying to decide between brands. Whether you realize it or not, the packaging plays a huge role. If a customer doesn’t know a product or brand’s reputation, they will likely make their decision based on the packaging. For many shoppers, your packaging will be how you make your first impression. 

A 2018 study by Ipsos showed that 72% of Americans say a product’s packaging design and the materials used in the packaging (67%) influence their buying decisions. For 81% of shoppers, packaging decisions are more crucial when they are buying a gift. The study also found that paper and cardboard packaging are more appealing to 67% of consumers than other materials, and 63% of individuals say paper and custom cardboard box packaging solutions seem higher quality. 

4. Create a Memorable Shopping Experience

Your customer’s entire shopping experience will likely revolve around your custom packaging. Ideally, they would’ve already heard of your brand beforehand through social media or other forms of marketing. They should continue seeing your branding after they purchase if you are well integrated into their social media algorithm. 

How you present yourself on social media can take a lot of different routes. Influencers are a great way to reach a new audience if potential buyers see them using your product on their feeds. If your packaging is aesthetically appealing and unique, influencers will often post content that includes them unboxing your product so their followers can see the full experience for themselves. Customers will stay engaged if you provide this experience time and time again.

To add to the experience, add a surprise to your packaging. Whether that be some candy in a gift bag, a coupon code or a handwritten note, do whatever you can to make your customer feel like part of the family. 

5. Set Your Brand Apart With Sustainable/Reusable Packaging

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted a study that showed a massive increase in packaging being recycled over the last few decades. Consumers are incredibly aware of this — the sustainability of product packaging greatly impacts their decision-making. 

When you invest in eco-friendly packaging, you draw a certain demographic to your business over your competitors. You can also make this investment without busting your budget, as affordable custom packaging solutions are easy to achieve. Eco-friendly packaging is becoming a notably cost-effective way to package products due to the fewer materials needed.

Start Creating Professional Custom Packaging Solutions Today

If you require custom packaging for business needs, we can help. At Innovative Packaging Co., we provide affordable custom packaging solutions for the cannabis, food, beverage and industrial industries and more. We can create custom printed packaging with your logo, brand colors and any other design elements you wish to add to make your packaging tell your company’s story through various packaging solutions.

Our custom turnkey packaging solutions make the packaging process easy, from design to manufacturing. Turnkey solutions provide automation that allows your employees to focus on your bottom line. Our offerings span several types of packaging, including:

  • Carton packaging: We provide carton packaging that uses just the amount of space needed to protect your product, eliminating waste. This custom packaging for fresher food will gain you customer respect.
  • Corrugated packaging: Corrugated packaging provides a practical and cost-efficient way to package your product in a recyclable, cost-effective and fully customizable material.
  • Flexible packaging: Flexible packaging will give your goods an edge above your competition. We combine the best qualities of paper, film, plastic and foil to benefit your packaging while using minimal materials.
  • Stretch film packaging: We know the ins and outs of stretch film packaging and will supply the high-grade, UV protection or economical wholesale custom packaging solutions you’re looking for.

If you’re ready to see what IPC can do to enhance your brand’s packaging, request a quote today. Have questions? Call us at (360) 397-0373.