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Snack Food Packaging


The food industry is ever-evolving with newer snack foods entering the market all the time. With the growing number of snacks to choose from comes the dilemma of proper snack food packaging to maintain a fresh, safe product for consumption.


IPC is proud to offer a variety of snack food packaging solutions to meet your growing needs.


Snack packaging manufacturers


Variety and flexible packaging is necessary for most snack food manufacturers. For this reason, we offer everything from bags, stand up and flat pouches, poly and metallic packaging products, gusseted bags, paper bags, cartons, bakery bags and sheets, roll stock film products, and everything in between.


Each snack product requires something different to maintain freshness and preserve flavor. Potato chips, for example, are often packaged in metallic bags and tubes for this reason. Other types of snacks, like animal crackers, are often found in poly bags or paperboard cartons.


Snack bar packaging


IPC also has you covered on all your snack bar packaging. Our flexible solutions are made of high-quality materials of different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses for any of your needs. We even offer biodegradable snack packaging options, which are healthier for the environment. Another option that we can create is tear-control packs to allow for complete or partial removal of package tops.


Snack packaging design


Custom packaging design and creation are available if you need specialty snack packaging solutions. Our project managers will work with you on creative snack packaging design while accommodating your business’ needs.


With IPC, you can be certain you are getting the highest quality packaging material for snack foods. We want to ensure that your snack foods remain shelf-stable, fresh, and safe for consumption.


All of our products are priced at competitive rates to help meet your needs for snack food packaging.


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