End-to-End Packaging Solutions

Warehouse & Dist / Grocery

A customer walks into any store and purchases an item. Yet, upon opening it, they discover a damaged, unusable product. Disappointment. Frustration. Perhaps, even anger erupts. What does this all mean to you as warehouse and distribution center? Much more than many realize.


Although product damage can occur for any reason, if the damage was caused by failed packaging, that’s a problem. Preventing damage to packaging and product helps ensure consumer confidence in your company and your products. And, that is good for business, but it also means having the right, quality packaging for your business, your products, and your budget.


Don’t let warehouse packaging solutions get you down


As a warehouse and distribution company, the right packaging is vital to your business. This means that you need grocery packaging and other products that stand up to the test of distribution and other external factors. Having packaging products that fail is unacceptable and costly to business.


Your packaging design and materials need to protect your products and minimize damage. IPC’s warehouse packaging solutions do just that. And, they are competitively priced giving you the advantage of cost savings. At IPC, we understand your packaging needs.

  • Limit damage using the right packaging
  • Quality packaging at an affordable price
  • Affordable packaging equipment maintenance/repair


Limit product damage in one easy phone call


IPC’s packaging distribution products are specific to your needs. In one phone call, our project specialists will work with you to find the right packaging for your business. Nothing too bulky. Nothing too skimpy. No fluff for your stuff. We will ensure that you get packaging products that are ‘just right’ every time. Why spend money on something that doesn’t cut it? If we don’t have exactly what you need, we can customize your packaging to fit your requirements. You tell us what you need and how you need it.


Get the quality you want at a price you can afford


Speak ‘quality and affordability’ and enter our realm of packaging know-how. That’s right. You can expect top-quality distribution packaging from IPC. Our packaging will keep your products safe at a competitive price.


Sure! You could go somewhere else and spend more for the same thing, but why would you? Saving money on quality packaging has your best interests (and your bottom dollar) in mind and we are here to guide you. We offer many different kinds of internal and external packaging to fit your distribution needs.


Save even more with packaging equipment maintenance


Automation goes hand-in-hand with warehouse and packaging distribution services. Automation makes sense, that is, if you want to maximize your profits and product in consumers’ hands. Yet, all that automation requires upkeep. Maintenance. Keeping up with your equipment maintenance helps it run more efficiently. So, what’s the best way to maintain your equipment?


You could hire or contract a dedicated technician to have on hand, but that gets costly after a while. That’s why IPC offers technical support for your convenience. If you buy your equipment from IPC, your technical support comes with your service contract. If not, we have technicians on hand who are available for billable hours at competitive rates.


Whatever your packaging needs are, IPC is here for you. Our dedicated, project managers are ready to help you select the best packaging solutions for your business. Call us today and see what IPC can do for you.