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Few things can boost your manufacturing or distribution company more than automation. In fact, so vital to business is automation, that everyone wants it, has it, or is looking to step it up even more.

It means higher yields and lowered labor costs. It also means increased reliability and decreased waste.

Innovative Packaging Company (IPC) isn’t just your average packaging company. We also offer full turnkey solutions to fit your business needs. We believe in quality at a competitive, but affordable price. You can trust us with all your packaging and automation needs. We offer a variety of turnkey solutions and supplies to accommodate your different applications.

  • Carton packaging provides the right level of protection. It offers space and professional appearance for products like baked goods and snacks.
  • Flexible packaging is ideal for different products, dimensions, and shapes.
  • Corrugated packaging offers rigid protection. With it, you gain the stability to help your product safely reach its destination.
  • Additionally, stretch film and load containment options ensure that your load is secure (helping protect against damage, theft, and even UV rays).
  • Looking for something outside the packing solutions listed above? Give us a call today for a custom quote on anything packaging related.

At IPC, we have all your packaging needs in mind. Contact us today here or use the form below.