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How to Think Outside of the Jug

Technology is always changing and technology in the packaging industry is no different. The moo-ve to bring more milk to homes across America took society by storm. Yet, so, too, has the innovation of milk packaging. After all, packaging products help ensure your milk is easy to ship and arrives safe, fresh, and easy to pour. Nothing less will do.
Milk carton packaging has come a long way since the invention of the metal milk containers from the 1860’s. Coated paperboard packaging and plastic milk jugs have become the norm, which sometimes can limit creativity and your ability to stand out from the competition. So, how do you think outside the jug to entice more consumers to select your brand over the next? Here are a few tips to consider in packaging and design.


With milk consumption down, finding new and interesting ways to promote your milk drinks becomes the focus and milk chugs may help provide the solution. More often today, Millenials and small families are looking for portable beverage options they can take with them. Whether they are on the go, at the office, chilling with friends, or relaxing at home, chugs offer an innovative way to put your milk into the hands of consumers where, when, and how they need them.
Flavored chugs are ideas being tossed around as well. We’re not just talking about chocolate milk or plain milk, here. Some farms, like Dean’s offer milk chugs in non-traditional flavors like vanilla or cookies and cream. Other farms, like Smiling Hill Farms in Maine, offers quart-sized bottles with flavors like blueberry, orange cream, banana, and more. Testing different flavors among your markets may offer more opportunities full of milky goodness.

Fresh Squeeze

Speaking of opportunities, who says you must focus only on milk? After all, just because you run a dairy farm doesn’t mean you only produce milk, right? Just as there are more products a dairy farm can produce, so, too, are there more ways to get your protein.
Yogurt has always been at the top of the list for health-conscious consumers. That’s because it’s versatile, portable, and can pack a protein punch well, with limited calories and sugar in lightened up versions. While seasonal varieties also draw interest, there’s more than one way to win over consumers with yogurt products and that’s by offering them in unique ways. Drinkable yogurts aren’t just for kids anymore. Teens and adults of all ages are taking notice and trying out the newly packaged products. Yet, let’s not stop there, especially where portability is a concern.


As many health-conscious individuals might say, smoothies are still in and there is ample opportunity if you can make and package what they need for on-the-go in easy-to-handle drink carton packaging. Offering yogurt-based smoothies in unique and interesting flavors allows you to tap into an emerging market. They offer the portability needed for on-the-go consumers and portion sizes perfect for one…all without the inconvenience or cleanup of having to blend it yourself at home. As an added bonus, you can further entice these same consumers by offering their favorite products using eco-friendly, flexible packaging.

Hip and Eco-friendly

As more and more products emerge in the market with eco-packaging, staying ahead of the game means meeting or exceeding the efforts of the competition. Today’s consumers are concerned about the environment and they’re going to look to you to support that concern.
Flexible packaging for your dairy products needs to be attractive, yet also fully biodegradable, making it Earth-friendly as well. With the right drink carton packaging, your milk and dairy products will become ‘udderly’ irresistible.

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