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IPC Expands Warehouse Operations: Here We Grow Again!

Tis’ the season to grow and we are not waiting for anyone to push that big, red button.


Taking action when action is due is one of our core beliefs and boy, are we ever.

In the past year, we’ve continued to increase in sales volume (month after month) and have decided it is time to triple our warehouse space, but there’s so much more behind the story that will excite you.

Located at 3801 NE 109th Ave, our new, 30,000-square foot warehouse can help further boost your business.

Here’s how:

  • Ample room for more packaging products made available and ready to go (same day for select programs)
  • Dedicated space for housing some of your excess inventory


You read that correctly!

We are proud to offer a new, unique inventory housing program capable of stocking your excess packaging. And keeping with our commitment to innovation, throughout the warehouse, we run on T-5 lighting coupled with motion sensors and a more energy efficient air conditioning system.


One thing we understand very well, inventory overages happen. When they do, there’s a mad rush to find new ways to get it sold and out the door to free up valuable space.

Forecasting the right amount of inventory you need is not a perfect science. Howard Coleman of MCA Associates, a management consulting firm, recently penned in Industry Supply about its importance. According to Coleman, accuracy in inventory forecasting averages about 70% to 80%.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

As Coleman is quick to point out, the problem is that still leaves a 20% to 30% margin of error for overages.

We get it.

Just as time is money, so is limited warehouse space.

The good news is that we can now help manage your excess packaging inventory. With our new warehouse, you save space in your stockroom by housing at our place. AND, as an extra benefit, if we house your extra inventory, we can offer you same day packaging services!

Wham, bam, and no more middleman.

We get a bigger warehouse to call home and you get convenience, savings, and more peace of mind all packaged together in one, sweet deal (pun fully intended).

Contact us today to see what IPC can do for you.


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