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Boost Your Business with Innovative Carton Packaging Design

Do you ever get the feeling sometimes that your carton packaging looks too much like the competition? While there are some cases where consumers expect to see carton packaging design a certain way, there are plenty of ways for you to stand out, too. After all, who really wants their product to look just like the next guy’s? You don’t.

Carton packaging design should entice. It should have a uniqueness about it that draws consumers in. It should say “Hey, look at me! I’m different, better, and more…’ The point is that when you are surrounded by competition, your product needs to stand out and the first, most important way to do that is through carton packaging design and branding.


Build a stronger brand


Your brand packaging is often the last ad your consumers will see during their purchase decision process. Having the right packaging means a better chance for your brand to stand out from the competition while also making a great impression with your consumers. This is especially true of food carton packaging, that often closely resembles the competition or vice versa.

Building a better brand with your food carton packaging means finding new, attractive packaging solutions that speak to your product while enticing your consumers. Many brands are already seeing the value in unique product packaging. Thus, they are making waves by changing the look and feel of their product packaging. It’s time…time to innovate and step it up a notch to rise above the rest.


Time to innovate


Innovation in packaging design, or the idea of changing what you’re currently doing or using (adopting a newer method, shape, material, or etc.) can be intimidating. Sometimes change, in and of itself, can be overwhelming. Let’s face it, as the old adage goes “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” sometimes does apply.

While that may be true some of the time, it’s far from true all of the time. Knowing when you’re in a season of needed change can make a big difference in the outcome. Let’s take the classic bubbly beverage in the familiar red and white labeled bottle as an example (Coca-Cola). While few will soon forget what the ‘classic’ means for this iconic brand, the revolutionary and modern feel that they have created by adopting small changes and placing familiar names on their bottles brought their brand forward from yesterday to today. It’s packaging that is relatable to consumers of all ages and is especially attractive to millennials.

Innovation, when done correctly and after having researched your market well, can bring an inviting ROI to your books, build buzz and excitement for your product, and even revitalize your brand.


Boost sales with design


Speaking of a return on investment for your brand, modernizing your carton packaging design can do even more. When you adopt an improved design that wins over your consumers, they repay you with more buzz and more sales. Think social media and word-of-mouth minus all those advertising dollars you otherwise would’ve spent to further boost brand promotion. One way you could further maximize the benefit of social media and new carton packaging design is through the use of a social media contest, which many popular brands have had success with.

Your consumers’ love and adoration for your product and brand is the best compliment you can receive because not only do you gain loyalty, but consumers will often be more willing to share their thoughts and excitement with friends and family in person and on social media. Build enough of a buzz around your carton packaging design and your product, and you could win the masses and gain additional marketing reach as an added bonus.

Your carton packaging design needs not to be an expensive endeavor, but it should be enough to differentiate your product and brand from the competition, while simultaneously connecting the packaging design to your products and your consumers in an exciting new way. So, give them something memorable to talk about.

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