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Vacuum Chamber / Roll Stack


vacuum-chamber-roll-stack-packaging-infographicJust as technology is ever-changing, so is the packaging industry, particularly for food and beverages.


Flexible packaging is gaining in popularity as the most economical and reasonable solution to food and beverage packaging solutions. In fact, market research predicts demands for flexible packaging to reach $278.8 billion by the end of 2024.


With a growing demand for more flexibility, Innovative Packaging Company’s (IPC) vacuum chamber roll stock solutions are available for all your flexible packaging needs.



Enjoy many advantages to IPC vacuum roll stock


There are many ways to incorporate flexible packaging into your business’ food and beverage packaging needs. Vacuum roll stock is one such option that offers an array of benefits.


  • Economically priced
  • Lightweight and takes up less space
  • Lessens the extent of contamination
  • Performs better, extending shelf-life
  • Customizable



Increase your profits with IPC vacuum roll stock


There’s a misconception about roll stock. Some worry that it’s more expensive than other forms of packaging, but that is untrue. In fact, roll stock packaging is often easier on your budget and benefits your food and beverage products in other ways as previously mentioned.


There are different forms of roll stock packaging materials to suit your products different needs. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The best way to ensure you get the right roll stock packaging is to work with our packaging experts. In one phone call, our project managers can assess your needs and help you decide which roll stock product is best suited for your products.


IPC vacuum roll stock can save you money


No business wants to bear the burden of heavy packaging products. Bulky, hard to manage or heavy packaging takes up valuable space in your warehouse and on the trucks en route to their destination. They also usually lead to higher freight costs. You are not in the business of sending your profits to freight.


So, why should you?


Save yourself the hassle of burdensome packaging and consider what roll stock can do for you instead.



Reduce the impact of contamination with vacuum roll stock


Microbes and enzymes can be a bane to food processors, manufacturers, supermarkets, and consumers alike. They often result in food waste from contamination. They create changes in food appearance, texture, flavor, and even nutritional values. But, what if you could lessen the scope of contamination among your food products…and all through your packaging choices?


IPC’s vacuum chamber roll stock packaging offers you a chance to lessen the extent of potential contamination.




Aerobic microorganisms need oxygen to survive, thrive, and grow. When you remove most of the oxygen from your packaging, you gain carbon dioxide. That leads to a longer shelf-life and a more desirable product.



Lengthen shelf-life and reduce waste with vacuum roll stock


Extending the shelf-life of food and beverages, especially those that are more perishable, is essential. Ask any subject matter expert and they will agree that better packaging equates to longer shelf life in most cases. IPC’s vacuum packaging is an excellent food product preservation method. In some cases, IPC’s vacuum formed food packaging can extend the shelf-life of your food products by a whopping four to six times what it otherwise would’ve been.


Each food and beverage product responds to vacuum packaging differently and has different packaging requirements. You want to maximize flavor, texture, appearance, nutritional value, and so much more. The higher the quality of your product, the more likely consumers will return again and again.


Repeat this often enough and profits will rise and your business will boom.





Improve branding with IPC’s vacuum roll stock


Your vacuum formed packaging products need not be plain and unattractive to your consumers. Like other food and beverage packaging products, vacuum roll stock is customizable.


We live in a digital and vibrant world where competition is high and standing out from the crowd is vital. Branding your products and your business is essential to your success and IPC can help. We can customize your vacuum packaging products to fit your brand’s needs for optimal appeal and marketing effectiveness.


Need your roll stock packaging to include a reclosable product seal?


No problem! We can do that too. Our project managers are a phone call away and will work with you to ensure your requirements are met. Simply tell us what you need, how you need it, and when you need it by and we will customize your order to your specifications.


IPC isn’t just a packaging company. We are your external business partner and we want you to succeed. After all, if you succeed, we both succeed. Finding the right packaging is easy with IPC.


Contact us today or use the form below to place your order and see what a difference we can make.