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Coffee, Tea, and Beverage (glass beverage bottles wholesale)


Ready to face the many challenges in beverage packaging?


Glass Beverage Bottles Wholesale Packaging InfographicYou want to find the best, most economical solution that makes sense for your business (think wholesale pricing). Yet, today’s consumers quench their buying decisions on more factors than ever before such as the following.


  • Product quality and safety
  • Packaging sustainability, and more
  • Product brand
  • Packaging design


Innovative Packaging Company (IPC) prides itself with the ability to meet these demands. One of today’s top concerns is product safety. Glass beverage packaging is one of the best ways to address this.



Improve beverage safety with glass


In 2012, the FDA decided to reject a call to ban packaging products containing Bisphenol-A (BPA). Yet, while consumers are becoming more health-conscious, they are also still opting for alternative food and beverage packaging. Many want something newer, trendier, and more sophisticated. Others are seeking to hone in on nostalgia.


That’s a big order to fill.


With the health concerns over BPA, glass packaging has made a comeback. Glass beverage packaging for coffee, tea, and other beverages are in demand. In fact, ready-to-drink beverages packaged in glass bottles account for a whopping $23 billion market, according to Market Research.


Knowing your brand’s customers is part of the solution, the other part is finding the right packaging. Your consumers are the ones who drive the trends in the food and beverage industry. Their choices affect your bottom line.


It’s time to hear them out and incorporate the benefits of glass packaging.


Listening is one of the many things that IPC does. We listen to what your consumers want. We listen to what you want and need, and we strive to fulfill both. Your success is our success and product safety is always first with your consumers in mind. That’s why IPC offers a selection of bottles and caps that offer tamper-resistant design to keep your product safe and risk of adulteration or contamination in check.



Tamper-resistant packaging


There are few things worse or more frustrating than sending your product to the shelves and into consumers’ hands only to discover you have to do a mass recall because of a tampered product.


” Tampered products cost BIG bucks to food and beverage manufacturers and processors each year.


Billions of dollars are at stake to food and beverage industry manufacturers and distributors. Additional product safety measures like tamper-resistant designs help protect consumers and manufacturer’s as well as maintain brand trust.


Having the right closure for your beverage bottles matters, regardless of whether you’re product requires glass or plastic bottles, beer bottles, wine, spirits, or more (like juice bottles). IPC offers a wide selection and design for closures to cover all the bases from tamper-resistant and tamper-evident caps, lug caps (including metal lug caps), top caps, lined caps and more.


One way to achieve the right beverage packaging and closure design is by working with our project managers to ensure that your project garners the added it deserves. Together, we can make your product packaging more resistant to tampering, adulteration, and contamination.


” That means a safer product for your consumers and less waste in revenue and product for you.



Waste not, want not


While BPA is a major concern, it’s not the only one. Today’s consumers concern themselves with the environment more now than ever before. Having packaging products to fulfill this need will attract more eco-conscientious consumers.


IPC understands the health concerns associated with BPAs in plastics (think plastic beverage bottles) and why glass packaging is making such a big comeback  (including glass jars). Our glass beverage packaging offers the health solution consumers demand. That’s because glass beverage packaging doesn’t come into contact with harmful chemicals. Thus, it’s easier to build consumer trust with glass packaging products.


Unlike many other packaging products available today, glass is 100% recyclable. In fact, 80% of all recovered glass packaging products are re-melted and find their way back to the shelf.


That’s something to boast about.


Fulfilling your customer’s needs while helping the environment is good for business.


” IPC is proud to support sustainability. We offer a variety of glass beverage packaging solutions to suit your needs. AND, we can relate to your consumers’ desires for trendier glass packaging products.



How to keep your products trendy


IPC believes in trendy beverage packaging products. Glass beverage packaging solutions often offer a nostalgic appeal, unlike other packaging products. Thus, it appeals to your consumers by providing a ‘homey’ feel that will keep them coming back for more. After all, home is where the heart is and IPC believes one way to reach this, health-conscious, home-centered market is by exuding a heartfelt nostalgia in beverage packaging excellence.


We can help you do that.


Yet, we also understand the need to change with the times as well since not every beverage market is exactly the same. Perhaps nostalgia is not your thing. Maybe you need something trendier or more sophisticated? IPC regularly stays atop the latest trends in food and beverage packaging and technologies to bring you the very best in packaging design options. Thus, if you need something more innovative, we’ve got your back.


We offer an endless bottle selection (from textured to clear glass beverage bottles) with unique packaging solutions. If that isn’t enough to wet your appetite for beverage packaging, we offer custom beverage packaging solutions as well.


Do you have a vision of what your beverage packaging should look like? Let’s chat! Our product managers are eager to hear your ideas and help transform your beverage packaging visions to reality.


” Stay atop of today’s trends with IPC. We offer custom beverage packaging solutions to meet all your beverage packaging needs.


In one phone call, our project managers help you customize your beverage packaging. The right packaging means everything to your brand, your product, and your consumers. Together, we can make a difference, raise the bar to your success, and help pave the path for your brand’s future.


Call us today or submit the form below to discuss what we can do for you.


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