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Portable Packaging Trends!

Flexible Pouch Packaging

Flexible pouch packaging among food and other products is a growing trend and showing no signs of stopping. Walk down any supermarket aisle and you’ll find flexible pouch packaging in many sizes and shapes and with differing features.

flexible-pouch-peephole-windowPeephole window or pour spout, anyone?

The innovative designs, resealable options, pour spouts, and easy tear options are hard not to notice…and, yes, consumers are noticing and loving flexible pouch packaging.

Research shows that consumers view flexible pouches as a must-have modern take of food packaging. It’s true. Our lives are busier than ever between work, family, and other activities.

We have the drive to go, go, go.

Today’s consumers need portable food and beverage solutions that fit in with their busy lifestyles. Flexible pouch packaging offers the perfect solution to this growing trend. Yet, it’s not just portability that is driving sales. Flexible pouch packaging also offers a better alternative to meet the needs of sustainability for today’s environmentally conscious consumers.

Flexible pouch packaging is durable to protect your product and improve shelf-life while offering a portable solution with less waste for landfills.

Speaking of the environment, flexible packaging offers several advantages over traditional packaging. It uses less energy and resources to produce and the package to carton ratio improves, making a positive impact on the environment, sending less waste to landfills, and decreasing your business’ carbon footprint. For today’s environment consumers, flexible pouch packaging makes sense. Yet, it also improves your bottom dollar as well when you can ship more product for distribution than with traditional packaging options.

Flexible pouch packaging also allows you to brand your product like never before, and that gives you an advantage over the competition. With vibrant colors and innovative designs, flexible pouch packaging is the packaging of choice. Additionally, we’ve been recognized as a top package design company on DesignRush.

If you have a pouch packaging vision in mind, call us today. Our packaging experts will help you bring that dream to reality.

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