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Flexible Packaging Design Tricks

Flexible Packaging Design

Still trying to attract more customers to your brand and products? Your flexible packaging design may hold the key.

Yes, we live in a digital world and brands must go social with their marketing efforts to stay in the game. Yet, packaging design remains the last piece of marketing real estate that your brand and products have during consumer purchasing decisions.




Your brand awareness and packaging play an important role in consumer purchases with roughly 50% of the buying decision made at the retail shelf. One study found that brand package color, package shape and size, package labels, and the quality of packaging materials used impacted purchase decisions. Other considerations including brand awareness and price.

With IPC, flexible packaging design takes on a role of its own. Our project managers work closely with you to design the product packaging that you envision. There is no room for second best when it comes to stiff competition.




Your product deserves to stand out, but don’t break out the neon signs just yet. While color does play a role, there is more at play than color scheme alone.

Bright, vibrant colors have always dominated attraction, even in nature. Don’t believe it? Look to the birds for proof. The male species is generally the most vibrantly hued to attract his mate. This is true even with humans, especially when it comes to product purchasing decisions. According to MarTech, men prefer bold colors on product packaging, while women prefer soft colors.

With that in mind, we look back to your flexible product packaging design. Consumers value the appearance of a product 93% of the time while making their purchasing decisions. Since color makes up a whopping 85% of the purchase decision, the colors you choose to represent your brand should be memorable. So, choose your colors wisely.




Move over color, there’s room for another player at this party and its name is typography. Yes, we’re talking about the very words and characters printed on your flexible product packaging. It’s funny how the size, shape, and style of a few words can make or break a deal, but sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. So, why is typography vital among consumers?

Typography is a visual representation of your product and brand, and customization is a must to stand out from the crowd of competition. IPC understands this and makes it a priority. Our project managers can help your product go big, go bold, and go home… with your consumers, that is.

So, are you ready to take your flexible packaging design to the next level? Contact us today!

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