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Digital Printing & Flexible Packaging Design Ideas

We live in a world that is growing more digital by the second. Add to that the advancement of newer technologies that can enhance your business and marketing efforts. With that, your flexible packaging design goes high-tech, which leads to increased profits. How?

The Millennials in the consumer market have been all the talk lately. It’s easy to see why when you consider they spend roughly $40 billion in discretionary income. Mothers across the nation and globe, often the primary household shoppers, are another group to hone in on. For these reasons, the rise in digital printing on flexible packaging is taking hold and providing some real wins for businesses everywhere. If you aren’t among them yet, you could be missing out.


Digital Design Works


Digital marketing on flexible packaging is helping brands stand out more in a world where new business competition emerges overnight. Innovative designs appeal to the customer, but in today’s world, businesses are taking it one step further. Many consumers are looking to brands who support causes they care about. Brands are responding by showing their support prominently displayed on their products in a fun, attractive design.


Custom Design Works


Customization is one premier service offered by IPC and there’s a good reason for it. Yet, customization need not be limited to your choice of packaging. It can also apply to your packaging design.

Remember that blue and white package of iconic cookies…the ones with the white creme in the center? It wasn’t so very long ago that they launched a digital printing marketing campaign, which included a means for consumers to design and digitally color their very own custom package. While customizing your packaging is certainly one way to work your brand, providing a means for consumer interaction can boost your efforts a step further.


Interactive Design Works


Getting consumers involved with your brand brings more value to the table and ka-ching to your profit margin. One Australian wine company did just that and, in doing so, generated brand interest that won’t soon be forgotten. Through digital printing and a dash of interactive storytelling, this brand has a fun, exciting way to package and market their brand simultaneously and they are far from the only example. Will your brand have the next product with an interactive story to tell?

Digital printing for your flexible packaging products provide the means to get your consumers talking about your brand. Make it exciting! Make it fun! Make it something they care about! However you decide to make it, our project managers will be ready to help you make it real and make it…you. Give us a call today. If your packaging is not part of the digital world yet, the time is now and the place is through IPC.

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