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YouTube & Custom Corrugated

Custom Corrugated Packaging & Youtube

Why have a corrugated packaging product that looks just like the next brand’s packaging? After all, your brand is special too and what better way to display that uniqueness than with custom corrugated packaging?


IPC has you covered!


Branding your products and services today is sometimes a struggle. Everyone wants to ‘stand out.’ The problem is, too many brands are using the same kind of packaging for their products and just slapping a new label or logo on the box.


Enough is enough!


It’s time for something new…something unique…something spectacular enough to grab your consumer’s attention and run with it. We’re talking about fully customized corrugated packaging.


Corrugated products have much to offer your brand, your products, and the way you do business. It’s time to flaunt it with style, pizazz, and professionalism that is true to your brand.


It’s time to customize…


Something else to consider while deciding whether custom corrugated packaging is right for your brand is consumer social brand interaction. Today, it’s not just about selfies…okay, maybe it’s still about selfies, but it’s also about the ever-growing unboxing video superstars. So, grab the popcorn and prepare for your brand’s social adventure.


According to Packaging Digest, YouTubers searched for unboxing videos 39 million times…and that was in 2016. The phenomenon hasn’t stopped as eager-eyed consumers salivate for more in a kind of brand packaging reality series that’s flooding the web. There’s no clear, single reason behind the growing demand for creating unboxing videos and anyone can and has done them from the average consumer to big brands themselves. Yet, when brands take the lead to encourage unboxing reality, it forms a bond among their projected consumers, builds trust, and encourages brand interaction.


So, how can custom corrugated packaging help you here? We’re glad you asked.


With custom corrugated packaging, you have the opportunity to entice your consumers and drive brand excitement…and isn’t that what it’s all about? Call us today to get started. Our packaging experts can help you design a custom corrugated packaging solution to meet your needs and increase customer engagement with your brand.

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