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The Advantage of using Corrugated Plastic in Pharmaceutical Packaging

Your product arrives safely to its destination in the cardboard cartons that your team carefully packaged it in. The retailer places the carton on a table and opens it.


After ensuring everything is there, all the products, medication bottles, are removed. One by one, each bottle must be cleaned of the dust and debris that has settled on and in them from the cardboard packaging before they can be used. It’s an added step that costs time, money, and resources, but one that must be done to ensure patient safety.


If only there were a better way…a way to get your plastic medication bottles to your retailers that solved their problem of taking that extra step of cleaning and sterilizing your product.


Corrugated plastic packaging offers you the solution that you need.


Like cardboard packaging, corrugated plastic packaging is sturdy. It’s more durable than cardboard and lasts longer. In fact, in some applications, corrugated plastic packaging can even be reused, making your packaging dollars stretch farther.


Unlike cardboard packaging, corrugated plastic packaging can also handle some liquid spills like a champ. Simply wipe clean and carry on…carry on.


Getting back to our pharmaceutical packaging example…


In some industries, like the pharmaceutical industry, the need for clean and dust-free products is vital for business, if not absolutely essential for the end user. The advantage that corrugated plastic packaging offers the pharmaceutical industry over its corrugated cardboard competition is unmatched.


Corrugated plastic packaging stands behind its promise for a dust-free, more sterile way to transport your pharmaceutical (or other) products.


Our corrugated plastic packaging gives your brand an edge over the competition, particularly since the pharmaceutical industry is already looking into cardboard packaging alternatives.


Are you ready to join the movement? We offer the corrugated plastic packaging products that you need when you need them most (medical, medicine).

  • Bins
  • Boxes
  • Totes
  • Trays, and more


All of our products are lightweight, saving you on shipping costs and fully recyclable. They are also rigid, durable, and certain to last.


If you have special needs that corrugated cardboard just can’t cut, we assure you that our corrugated plastic packaging will deliver the goods in a more hygienic way than ever before.  Our project manager will help you find the best corrugated plastic packaging product to meet your brand’s needs.


Don’t delay…call us today.

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