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Corrugated Box for Export

The Best Corrugated Box for Export Packaging

Packaging your products for export is not the same as packaging them for domestic transportation. Exporting your products requires a more durable corrugated packaging box. You want your products to arrive at their destination safe, intact, and ready for use or to transport to their retail destination. The problem, though, is that not all tertiary packaging is created equal.


What we mean is that you can’t ship your exports in the same packaging as your domestic products. Doing so could spell disaster, but don’t worry. We have you covered.


IPC has been packaging products since the invention of dust…okay, maybe we exaggerated a bit there. Still, half a century of combined experience is some serious packaging know-how.


One of the benefits of using a corrugated packaging box for your export needs is the recyclability of this resource. Today’s consumers want brands to care about what matters to them…and right now, that is the reduction of your carbon footprint and choosing packaging that is more eco-friendly. Corrugated packaging gives you that. It offers you the strength and durability needed to keep your products safe during transportation through final destination. Yet, it’s also economical, eco-friendly, and light-weight.


Our corrugated packaging boxes are the perfect packaging solution for your export needs.


Besides being biodegradable, corrugated export packaging is one of the most recycled packaging products in America today. In fact, in 2015, a reported 92.9% of old corrugated containers found their way to recycling centers across the U.S. However, with net exports down by 10.1% last year, the amount of corrugated packaging products recycled dipped to 88.8%, which is still an impressive amount.


Regardless of how you look at it, using corrugated boxes for your export packaging needs makes sense, particularly in today’s economy. Millenials are part of the driving force for the demand in sustainable packaging at all levels and when you pair sustainability with strong, durable, but cost-effective materials, it’s a win-win for how you do business across the globe.


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