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Blog: Best Corrugated Board Packaging

The Best Corrugated Board Packaging

You did it! Another shipment, another day…that is…until you receive the dreaded call that no manufacturer wants to hear.


Damaged product arrived at your customer’s location, and this isn’t the first time it’s happened. Now, your customer is upset because they have a product they can’t sell, you have to eat the costs of reverse logistics to retrieve the damaged product, and, by the sound of your customer’s voice, you also have to add the cost of expedited shipping on new product and hope it arrives safely.


Yet, it doesn’t end there.


Your reputation is sliding and customers are starting to take notice. All that this fiasco has created is enough drama to keep a theater going for months.


Although damage can occur for many reasons, insufficient product packaging is one form of controllable returns. The right packaging for the right product makes a big difference with your brand, your customers’ satisfaction, and your bottom dollar.


Sometimes you need that added layer of protection in your shipping cartons. It’s a matter of ensuring product safety during the transportation process. That is especially true when more than one layer of product is shipped together in the same box.


Regardless of whether you’re shipping fragile product or something else, it needs to arrive safely.


The solution is our corrugated board packaging products. Corrugated packaging is a strong, durable, and efficient packaging product. It is widely used by many markets including:


With five levels of fluting available, corrugated board packaging offers a solution for your product packaging that is sturdy, reliable, economical, and biodegradable…and its use is on the rise globally to the tune of more than 3.5% with increased growth in the pharmaceutical industry expected to lead the way in North America by 5.5% through 2021.


Our corrugated fiberboard packaging is designed with your products in mind. You want sturdy, you got it! Durable? Absolutely. Practical? You bet. Earth-friendly packaging? We live and breath the same dream.


Packaging is what we do best.


Call us today to discuss your corrugated board packaging needs. Our packaging specialists will help you design and implement the packaging solution that’s right for you.

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