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Flow Wrapping

Packaging Equipment Automation: Flow Wrapping


The demand for more flexible packaging, like flow wrapping, continues to rise. In fact, 71% of surveyed Americans prefer flexible packaging materials. Demand this high is changing how manufacturers are packaging their products.


Multi-film flow wrap heat seals your product in a flexible film. This means that your product now has the potential for a longer shelf life.


Heat sealed packaging means a safer product for consumption. It’s also a cost-effective solution for your business.


Why you should use flow wrap


Flow wrapping technology is the process of horizontal packaging. It packages products of any shape and size in clear or printed polypropylene film. Flow wrap provides an accurate, rapid packaging succession. That means a higher through-rate and more product out the door.


Depending on the flow machine you choose, you can expect film runs of up to 2,000 pieces per minute. That’s flow wrap packaging hard at work so you can focus on what’s more important.


Boost your business with high yields and airtight seals


High yields on the line mean less labor on your dime. An airtight seal means a happier customer and potential for increased demand. That brings you more money for your books. Ka-ching!


We love that sound. We also love what it means for your business because when you’re successful, we’re successful. So, IPC is here to help boost your business in any way that we can.

To heat or not to heat


Get what you want for your product whether it’s a strong heat or a cold seal. Keeping your product safe for consumption is our goal and priority. IPC offers flow wrap packaging and equipment to suit your unique needs.


Best of all, we can customize your flow packaging to brand your products the way you want. Our project managers will work with you to ensure we meet your needs.


With hermetic heat seals, your product gains the potential of a longer shelf life. Cold seal has a shorter shelf life, but some products, like chocolate, are heat intolerant.


You need the packaging equipment and supplies that meet your product’s needs, hot or cold. Don’t settle for less.


Boost your bottom line with ‘flow’ wrap


Flow wrap packaging provides one of the fastest ways to boost your bottom dollar. How?


The high rates of flow wrap film packaging mean more product to your consumer with fewer resources to do it. So, you are now saving on manpower while rocking your through-rate.


Flow wrap packaging is also very cost-effective. That means less money spent on packaging supplies that you can now divert to other resources.


Flow wrapping technology is the answer to achieve high yields at minimal cost. Meet consumer demands faster with flow wrap packaging. Get more bang for your business buck. Call us today to order your flow wrap packaging supplies.